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MomsHood is a Kid’s Clothing & Toy Swap Service

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours responded to two: firstly that kids grow out of clothes quickly costing parents like us an arm and leg and secondly what do you do with the clothes your kids have grown out of? Currently 85% of clothes ends up in landfill. Children grow every day but unfortunately their clothes never seem to catch up!

Connecting a community of busy parents, MomsHood offers live swap events throughout New York City. Our philosophy is simple: keep the value of the clothes your kid has outgrown and use them to swap for clothes that fit. Giving the clothes a new lease in life, helping out other parents and preventing them ending up in landfill, its good all round.

It was all started when as a busy working parents, we were fed up with the time and money we had to spend every few months to keep our young son clothed. It also seemed crazy that every few months we were left with good quality clothes that didn’t fit.  We never seemed to have enough time to everything done, and we knew there must be a way to save time when buying clothes for my son. Our vision for MomsHood is to provide a service that will reduce the waste of throwing out outgrown children’s clothes and connect a network of socially conscious parents who want to exchange and reuse great clothing. 

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– Gemma and Keny


Photo by Laura Yost

Photo by Laura Yost