NEw Moms Support Group

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New moms support group - Riverdale


Suitable for pregnant moms and new moms up to 6 months old

Starting at a job that you feel you have no training for? Wonder how it is all going to come together?  You are not alone. This group is about bringing together new moms in the community to share tips, and stories and meaningful discussions on parenting joys and challenges in a non-judgmental environment. 

The group will be led by parent-connector Gemma James, local working mom of two beautiful children under 3 years, and founder of MomsHood.

"I started this group as I know from experience the power and support connecting with other new moms can be to the life altering process of becoming a parent. After I had my son, I was left sleep deprived, none of my clothes fit, covered in poop and wondering what hit me!  The mom friends I made during the first few weeks and months helped me not just survive but thrive. The idea of doing a series of 6 sessions means you get the opportunity to connect and get to know others in the community in the same boat as you."

We'll start each week with a general go around and check-in, followed by a discussion topic covering common concerns for new moms and together developing strategies and sharing resources for solutions. Conversations will include sleep, feeding, body, relationships, work, being a second time mom.  

The July/Aug event has been unexpectedly postponed, check back for an updated event.