Observations in the park, should I have interfered?

By Granny Potts

Unusually for us in England we have had some really pleasant day weather-wise, so much so that I decided that I should take Louise my little granddaughter of 19 months to the park for a picnic. We packed up baby finger food water to drink with doggy and teddy who would share the experience with us.

The park was busy as other little families had decided to do the same. As we ate our picnic and Louise was fully occupied feeding doggy I couldn't help but notice the little family near us. Mummy was speaking very loudly on her cell phone. She was getting a new kitchen delivered. It was white and the handle didn't fit. There was damp in the kitchen but the damp guy said it was ok and anyway it was better than their last place. Meanwhile, her baby, aged about 8 months I would guess, was flapping her little hands up and down in frustration while  trying to aim at a spoon of baby food her mummy  was holding absentmindedly as she gabbled on the phone. Next, her daughter aged about 3 years came galloping over. "Mummy she cried, come. Mummy put your phone down. Mummy you know I don't like you taking on the phone.", she whined.   Mummy halted her phone conversation long enough to say to the caller, "Just a minute" then to the girl,  "Just a minute". By this time the baby had taken two hands full of baby food and stuffed it halfinto her mouth. "Here have a yoghurt", mummy said to the little girl and resumed her phone conversation. "I can't get the lid off" the little girl whined. Mummy kept talking on the phone. The little girl left her mummy and started climbing on the nearby bench. Mummy carried on talking. The little girl left her bench and started climbing on a swing that was too big for her. I thought she would fall. Her mummy carried on talking. The girl next when on a tall climbing frame. I was gettingworried for her. Mummy kept on talking. By this time Louise and I and teddy had finished and packed away our stuff and I took her to the little baby swings as she liked. I then noticed the little girl beginning to wandering off out of her mum's line of sight. This surely would get mummy's attention. It did. Next, mummy came with the baby shouting, "Beth, Beth where are you", in an obvious state of panic. "It's OK", I called. "She is here. She is OK",  "Oh thank God", mummy said in obvious relief.

This picnic lark is too stressful. I really think mummy should have concentrated on the job in hand. The most important thing is the children. Clearly Beth had had enough of being ignored and knew what would get her mummy's attention. It is just so dangerous and so stressful for those around her who do not like to interfere. I was watching out for Beth. I should have said something.

Until next time. Granny Potts signing off.

About Granny Potts. 

She is a mother of three and grandmother of two from England, and lives there with her husband. A former midwife, nurse and teacher now retired. She successfully breastfed all her children who are now in turn successful mothers and citizens and for which she feels very blessed.