My Mind Is Best Friends with the Energizer Bunny


By Marianne Badurina

One of the age-old stereotypes is that women are always “too tired”.  Well, this stereotype is magnified tenfold if a woman is a mother and although I dislike stereotypes, I fear that this one may actually be true.  Allow me to explain why.

If a woman is awake, it is pretty safe to say that she is never actually in a true state of relaxation.  To the outside world looking in, it may appear that a woman is relaxing just as much as the man who is sitting next to her on the couch.

We exhibit all of the signs that we are relaxing. Our feet are propped up on a recliner, we’re enjoying a snack and a beverage.  We have the television on, are seated comfortably next to our husbands, and we are watching a football game.

However, what the outside world fails to see is that although our bodies may be “at rest”, our minds are still running a mile a minute. 

We are thinking about literally everything that is going on in our lives and trying to figure out how all of these things can possibly get done.

We are thinking about the presentation we have to make at the board meeting on Monday and worrying that the IT guy didn’t fix our PC that was randomly restarting every time we typed the letter “L.”  Do you know how many words contain the letter “L”?  A lot.  Okay.  A lot.

We are thinking about what we are going to bring to Janie’s potluck dinner on Friday and when we are going to find the time to run to the grocery store to grab the ingredients that we need to make it.  We grab a pen and paper and begin making our grocery list; mapping out the aisles where the needed food items are located so we can shave off even just 5 minutes of our shopping trip.

We are thinking about how we are going to get our kids to eat more vegetables at meal time and how to best introduce new foods so that they can grow into healthy adults.  If we don’t start this process now, they’ll never like broccoli when they grow up and it’ll be all our fault.

We are thinking about that sound the car is making when we start it up and whether we should take it into the mechanic this week or wait until next week.  It’d be a shame to take it in only to pay a senseless diagnostic fee for nothing.

We are thinking about the kids’ doctor's appointment and wondering if they need to get shots this time.  And… if they are getting shots, we need to add children’s ibuprofen to that grocery list.  Eh, it’d be smart to add it anyway… It’s always good to have some on hand.

We are thinking about how we haven’t talked to our closest friends in so long and that we miss them yet we have no energy or time to make plans.  Maybe this summer we’ll host a cookout and invite everyone over.  Yes!  We need to make that happen!

We are looking at the house walls and noticing nicks, chips, and crayon marks and as a result decide that now is the perfect time to choose new paint colors online.  Since we’re online anyway, we should simultaneously look for new snow boots for the kids because it’s snowing outside and they have been begging us to build their first snowman.

We are looking at the clock realizing that dinner time is approaching and we haven’t made anything for supper yet. So, we think about what we have in our freezer and pantry, get up off the couch, and start cooking… something… anything and praying that after it’s all done that the kids will actually eat it.

And while we are cooking, out of the corner of our eye, we see a UFC-style fight about to break out between our kids over a place mat. Yes, a place mat!  We shout that we have five other identical place mats on the table and that there is no need to fight over the one. But alas, it is too late as we see our son body slam our daughter onto the floor while our daughter begins to attempt to claw our son’s eyes out. And for that minute, we are actually able to momentarily forget all of those thoughts that have been running through our mind all day, just long enough break the kids apart.

And what have our husbands been doing while our brains have been on overdrive? “OMG… Hun!  Hun!  Did you see that play? Rodgers just threw a 50 yard touchdown bomb to send the Packers into overtime”  Yes, they were doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing.  They were watching football.

And this is why we are tired and they are not.

About Marianne

A Mommy of twins working in Marketing Communication who loves everything creative from singing to writing to cooking and crafts.  Started The Misadventures of a Working Mama blog or The Marv Mis for short to connect with other Moms who love to share tips and laugh through the struggles of all that is Mommy!  You can find her at, @themarvmis on Twitter, and on Facebook.