Meet our Amazing Moms - Norma Limbar

Today we are celebrating International Women's Day by starting a new feature called Meet our Amazing Moms. I am so inspired by the stories I hear from moms living in NYC and the joys and challenges of raising children in this amazing city. I know how much of a hustle and juggle it can be to make it work, whether you a stay at home mom, a full time working mom, or like me something in-between.

Our feature starts with the amazing mom Norma Limbar, I met Norma when she had a stand at our UES swap event selling her beautiful accessories, here's more from her:

Tell us about your upbringing and how it shaped who you are today?

My brother, sister and I were raised by a single mother who did everything and anything for us. She struggled but made it work. She never let us kids feel or know exactly what the problems were just so that we could be children. I think being the oldest and seeing my mom's strength has made me the strong minded person I am today. Hardships or not I do whatever it takes to succeed and show my son the same as my mom did so he can hopefully grow up to be the same.

How did your life change after you had your son?

After you have children life is not about you anymore. At least not in the beginning. I now find myself worrying about things I didn’t before. I can go a month without visiting the beauty salon now, whereas before I was in there every Saturday lol! You tend to forget about you and your needs and focus solely on them.

What makes you nervous about motherhood?

OMG I think what makes me nervous is not knowing when to say no, being the best friend and the mom and when to be just the mom. I think just wanting to do right by him. Sometimes I even worry am I not spending enough time with him?! So many things that you don’t think much of but can really affect a child.

Tell us about raising a child in NYC?

Raising a child in NYC is both rewarding and madness. They have so much opportunity here and so many outlets to succeed. And while this is all great it can be very expensive and overwhelming. 

What is the best part about raising children?

I would say the best part about raising a child is having them look up to you. Everything you do, everything you say is a huge part of who they will become. You get to mold this little person to do great things.

What is the hardest part about raising children?

I believe the hardest part is decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s tough. Every decision you make has an impact in their lives.

Who are the people in your life that support and inspire you?

My mom has always been my rock. My mom and my mom's uncle are the people I got my designing drive from. He raised her and taught her how to sew at a young age. My mom made me all my dresses when I was a baby and even as a teenager. From there I began to grow an interest for designing, sewing and creating over all.

Tell us about your business Norlin Lili?

My Etsy boutique offers a variety of luxurious minky blankets, personalized pillows, accessories like headbands, tutus, bibs and personalized onesies. My ultimate goal is to open an actual boutique and make it my full-time business. I want to expand on the blankets by making luxurious and comfy nursery bedding that customers can help customize.

What do you love most about what you do?

After high school I studied Fashion Design in NYC. Shortly after graduating at 19 I started in the field as an assistant. 16 years in and I’m now a designer at a children’s wear company.  A few years ago I started to do independent work or as I called it "side work" making invitations, party favors, banners, etc. and found out that I still wanted more. I still felt like I was capable of more. That's when Norlin Lili was born.  Juggling a full time job, my Etsy Shop and motherhood is very overwhelming but oh so worth it. I can build an empire for my son, a future, hope and hopefully inspire him to be great. My advice, keep going no matter how crazy things get.