Finding my Focus in Among the Chaos

By Gemma James

When I started MomsHood back in February I had no idea what the response may be. I have been amazed that 400 parents have signed up so quickly, I feel like we are onto something – building a community of parents swapping clothes and helping each other out, I’m excited about where it is going. I also had no idea at the time how chaotic life would be when my second child was born four weeks ago.

I’m now a mom of two under two years living in New York City, well I still feel like a mom in training really. My son was 21 months old this week, and he is now a big brother but he still is so little. My precious little daughter is amazing, but, she doesn’t sleep. I don’t remember missing this much sleep with my son, or it being this hard to make it through the day sleep deprived. She also feeds a lot, like every 2 hours – it’s really hard to get anything else done. That’s normal, right? And before a feed she cries, a piercingly loud cry that penetrates through everything, and stops me in my tracks. Everyone knows this is just the newborn phase and it gets easier. It does, right?

Yesterday, we went out to the supermarket, and despite being fed just before we left the house, she starting screaming mid-way round, it was exactly an hour after her last feed, but she screamed like she hadn’t been fed in weeks. Thankfully they had a fitting room with a bench so I sat and fed her for 20 minutes, while my husband stayed outside with my son. Also she makes a sound like a goose when she feeds, I wondered what the other shoppers thought we were doing, but as my husband says, this is New York and no one cares what you do. 45 minutes later as we were putting her back in the car the screaming started again, I was hungry, thirsty and tired and just wanted to get home so I just said to my husband to drive and the crying should stop, it did after about 5 minutes.

So, that’s me, trying to find a little time to stay sane, stay up to date with current affairs (did you know England came out of the European Union!?!) and keep the kids alive.