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The Battle of the Cup in the War of Discipline

One of my duties as grandmother to my granddaughter, Louise, is to give her her meal before her mom comes to collect her. Louise of eighteen months is a happy healthy toddler who is a delight to care for. She knows I love her dearly however I have become increasingly aware that for her to become kind, appreciative andpleasant as we all need to be, this needs to be effectively taught rather than just hoped for.

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Bringing Home Your Newborn

It is quite a daunting experience bringing home your newborn. Your doctor has pronounced your baby fit and well and now the big day is here. You have probably decorated your nursery but you will realize that the crib needs to be with you on your side of the bed. Set up your changing table as a baby station close by, complete with all your essentials at hand, that is, you can reach them with one hand on the baby when he is on the changing table. Essentials such as diapers, wipes, creams, disposable change table linings and anti-bacterial wipes and of course the trash bin should be right there.

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Breastfeeding the way forward

Hello again new moms! All mothers want to do their best for their babies it goes without saying. So many mothers decided not to breastfeed and it's such a shame. If you talk to them they will give you all the negatives and its really is enough to put new moms off the idea before they have even tried. So let's see if we can dispel some of those negativeness and see if we can raise a discussion to promote breast feeding as the way forward.

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